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81. Others were less intentional, such as his habit of attending baseball and football games and watching the game from the stands with all the other fans, presenting himself as a man of the people, rather than viewing from a luxury box with the team owner.


  【译文】 其他活动则是无意识的,例如:他习惯到现场观看垒球和橄榄球比赛,像一个普通人一样与其他球迷一道在普通看台上观看,而不是与球队老板们一样坐在豪华包厢内观看。


  82. Unlike his hero Theodore Roosevelt, who helped create the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) while in office, Nixon repeatedly backed away from opportunities to use the prestige of his office to have an influence in the world of sport, such as preventing the relocation of the Washington Senators baseball team to the Dallas Ft. Worth area. He did, however, attempt to use sport as venue to shape cultural values.


  【译文】 西奥多?罗斯福总统是他崇拜的人物,在执政期间帮助创立了全国大学生体育协会。与罗斯福不一样的是:尼克松多次拒绝利用总统威望来影响体育界的机会。但是,他的确想将体育运动当做树立文化价值观的手段。


  83. While the percentage of the worlds population living on less than $1 per day has


  fallen from 28.3% to 24.0% between 1987 and 1998, population growth (815million) has kept the absolute number of poor steady at some 1.2 billion.


  【译文】 虽然世界上每天靠不到一美元生活的人的比例在19971998年间从28.3%下降到24%,人口的增长(8.15亿)使穷人的绝对数量保持在12亿左右。


  84. Nor do World Bank projections lend undivided hope for the future. Under the business as usual" scenario, the number of poor on the $1 per day scale will not change during the projection period up to 2008.


  【译文】 世界银行的预测数字也没有给未来带来毫无争议的希望。如果现在的经济形势“保持不变”,每日靠一美元生活的人的数量到2008年在预测的时段内将不会改变。


  85. However, should policy measures be taken to boost economic growth and make the growth process more inclusive to the poor, the World Bank reckons that 500 million people could be brought out of extreme poverty by 2008.


  【译文】 但是,如果制定政策措施促进经济的发展,使经济的增长更多地涵盖到贫困人口,世界银行预测,到2008年,5亿人口可能摆脱极度贫困状态。


  86. Indeed, such concerns have been vented with increasing frustration, including at the Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Seattle last year, and more recently at the joint spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank.


  【译文】 事实上,人们越来越多地以沮丧的心情表达这样的担心,无论是在去年西雅图的世界贸易组织部长级会议上,还是在最近世界货币基金组织和世界银行的春季联席会议上。


  87. One problem facing governments in povertystricken countries, civil society, and international organizations is that poverty is a multidimensional problem with no simple solution not least because of its sheer scale.


  【译文】 贫困国家政府、文明社会和国际组织面临的一个问题是:贫困是一个多方面的问题,没有简单的解决方案——由于涉及面广更是如此。


  88. The causes and expressions of poverty are not the same everywhere, although some common terms can often be found, including a lack of access to education, basic health care, and unequal distribution of productive assets (land, livestock, credits, etc.).


  【译文】 造成贫困的原因和贫困的表现形式各地不尽相同,虽然我们经常可能从中找出一些基本特征,如教育落后、基本医疗条件缺乏、生产资料(如土地、牲畜、信用等)分配不均等。


  89. The existence of both racial and sexual discrimination in employment is well documented, and policy makers and responsible employers are particularly sensitive to the plight of the black female employee on the theory that she is doubly the victim of discrimination.


  【译文】 大量文献证明,就业中存在着种族和性别歧视;政策的制定者和有责任心的雇主对黑人女职员的境遇特别敏感,因为,从理论上来说,她们遭受着双重歧视。


  90. Moreover, State distribution of residence is important because blacks are overrepresented in the South, where wage rates are typically lower than elsewhere and where racial differentials in income are greater.


  【译文】 而且,居住在哪个州也很重要,因为南部黑人比例大,工资通常比其他地方低,种族之间的收入差别较大。


  91. Recently, there have been some imaginative attempts to make polycrystalline and ribbon silicon which are lower in cost than high-quality single crystals; but to date the efficiencies of these apparently lower-cost materials have been unacceptably small.


  【译文】 最近,有些人试图研制多晶硅和带状硅,这些材料比高质单晶硅成本小,但是,迄今为止,这些成本明显小的材料的效能低得不实用。


  92. Although many scientists were aware of the very low cost of amorphous solar cells, they felt that they could never be manufactured with the efficiencies necessary to contribute significantly to the demand for electric power.


  【译文】 许多科学家虽然已经认识到非晶硅太阳能电池的低成本,但是他们也感到,要生产出这样的电池并使之产生足够的功效、在很大程度上满足对电能的需要,是不可能的。


  93. Already, solar cells with efficiencies well above 6 percent have been developed using amorphous materials, and further research will doubtlessly find even less costly amorphous materials with higher efficiencies.


  【译文】 用非结晶体材料研制的太阳能电池的使用功效已经远远超过6%,未来的研究必将找出成本更低的但功效更高的非结晶体材料。


  94. This imaginary task gives some idea of the challenge facing biologists in the United States and elsewhere as they embark on a monumental project: deciphering all the coded information in the human genome, all the genes in a human cell.


  【译文】 美国和世界各地的生物学家面临一项重大工程的挑战,这个假想的任务使人们对这个挑战的强度获得一些认识,这个挑战就是:破译人体基因组中的编码信息。


  95. They predict that a complete understanding of the human genetic code would provide untold benefits for humanity, for example, those abilities to diagnose, cure, and eventually prevent many diseases caused by faulty genes.


  【译文】 他们预计,对人体基因编码的全面认识将给人类带来无法言喻的利益,例如,使人类能够诊断、治疗并最终预防基因缺陷造成的很多疾病。


  96. Not only has the Government refused to consult with the people of Australia on this issue of prohibition of free communication between individuals, they have also refused to consult with industry, and ignored all technical evidence and reports on the issues.


  【译文】 在禁止人们之间的自由交流这个问题上,澳大利亚政府不仅没有征求其人民的意见,也没有征求产业界的意见,对这方面的技术论据和报告都置若罔闻。


  97. And not only is it technically impossible to censor current content of the Internet, but the Internet is set to explode exponentially in the indefinite future, with there being literally millions of changes and additions to web content on a daily basis.


  【译文】 而且,不仅从技术上无法审查因特网目前的内容,而且因特网的设立意味着信息内容在未来会以指数激增,每天改变或增加的网络信息内容简直将达几百万条。


  98. In order to make economic development agreements more attractive to investors, some developing countries have attempted to strengthen the security of such agreements, specifying that the agreements will be governed by general principles of law recognized by civilized nations"a set of legal principles or rules shared by the worlds major legal systems.


  【译文】 为了使经济开发协议对投资者更具吸引力,有些发展中国家企图提高协议的安全性,规定这些协议受“文明国家公认的总法律原则”的约束,这些原则由世界几个主要法律体系所共有的一套原则和规范组成。


  99. Moreover, even in the case of administrative contracts, French law requires that in the event that the government modifies the terms of the contract on its own side, it must compensate the contractor for any increased burden resulting from the governments action.


  【译文】 而且,即使在行政合同中,法国的法律要求:如果政府单方面更改合同条款,它要承担由此增加的负担,向签订合同方做出赔偿。


  100. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, government contracts are governed by the ordinary law of contracts, with the result that the government can reserve the power to modify or terminate a contract on its own side only by writing such power into the contract.


  【译文】 在美国和英国,政府合同受普通合同法的约束,因此,政府只能通过将自己的权力写进合同的方式,来保留单方面更改或终止合同的权力。