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41. Competitionformerly between individual firmsis now mainly between nationsand is therefore conducted by methods quite different from those formulated by the classical economists.




  42. We may saythereforespeaking very generallythat men have used the increased productivity which they owe to science for three chief purposes in successionfirstto increase the population; thento raise the standard of comfort; andfinallyto provide more energy to war.




  43. Web browsers! Interactive software! Theres a lot of new technology talk going on in public relations these daysand its coming from a variety of sources.




  44. The foundations of good public relations remain the sameanticipating and meeting the needs of clients and the mediaand providing informed and useful counsel.




  45. The delivery system is part of the message and contributes to the overall imageso the practitioner should consider how that system affects the clientthe productand the audiences.




  46. In the last presidential electionmore than one candidate had problems with their personal web-pages because webmasters were not kept up to date on changes in campaign strategy and messages.




  47. They believe that those regulationswhich exclude most poor husband and wife families from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) assistance grantscontribute to the problem of family dissolution.




  48. The third type is the unhappily married couplewho remain together out of a sense of economic responsibility for their childrenbecause of the high costs of separationor because of the consumption benefits of marriage.




  49. Much of the variation in marital stability across income classes can be explained by the variation in costs of dissolution imposed by societysuch as division of propertyand child support.




  50. To the extent that welfare is a form of governmentsubsidized AFDC paymentsit reduces the costs of separation and guarantees a minimal standard of living for wife and children.




  51. So welfare opportunities are a significant determinant of family instability in poor neighborhoods, but this is not the result of AFDC regulations that exclude most intact families from coverage.


  【译文】 因此,获得福利补贴的机会,在贫穷阶层的人中是导致家庭破裂的一个重要决定因素,但是,这不是“救助有受抚养子女的家庭”政策所导致的,何况多数完好家庭也不属于补助范围。


  52. Rather, welfarerelated instability occurs because public assistance lowers both the benefits of marriage and the costs of its breach by providing a system of governmentsubsidized payments.


  【译文】 相反,由福利制度导致的家庭破裂之所以发生,是因为公共救助计划提供了一种政府补助体制,它不仅减少了婚姻的利益,而且降低了破裂的代价。


  53. The warning signs can be difficult enough to recognize; but the problem of identifying major depression in teens is further complicated by the fact that even these ambiguous signs are not always present.


  【译文】 警告信号可能很难辨认,但是,即使这些含糊的信号也不一定总是存在,这一事实使辨认青少年身上所表现出的重大消沉情绪的问题变得更加复杂。


  54. They are using what we know as signs, to communicate with each other about some situation that is present at that moment: gathering the group, alarm, hunting, mating.


  【译文】 他们使用我们称做符号的东西,相互之间在谈论着此时此刻所发生的事情:如集合、警告、猎取、交配等。


  55. Is it possible to imagine something as highly refined and subtle as the cave paintings of 15,000 years ago without language to enable manipulation and transference of ideas?


  【译文】 如果没有语言来构思和传达思想,怎么想像能创作出15 000年前如此精美细致的洞穴绘画呢?


  56. Possession of language is a defining mark of our humanity, and it has been faithfully accompanying us ever since our branch first emerged as a distinct species.


  【译文】 拥有语言是我们人类的一个区别性标志,自我们作为一个特殊的物种存在以来,语言能力一直伴随着我们。


  57. In Prague, when Tomas and Tereza brought a new chair or moved a flower pot, Karenin would look on in displeasure. It disturbed his sense of time. Nonetheless, he soon managed to reestablish the old order and old rituals in the Zurich flat.


  【译文】 在布拉格,当托马斯和特里萨买把新椅子,或移动花盆时,卡列宁会感到很不高兴。这搅乱了他的时间意识。但是,在苏黎世的公寓里,他很快就恢复了过去的秩序和旧礼节。


  58. In periods of despair, she would remind herself she had to hold on because of him, because he was weaker than she, weaker perhaps even than Dubcek and their abandoned homeland.


  【译文】 在绝望时刻,她总是提醒自己要为他而坚持下去,因为他比她更脆弱,甚至也许比杜布切克和他们离开的祖国还要脆弱。


  59. When she said that Tomas wasnt there and she didnt know when hed be back, the woman on the other end of the line started laughing and, without saying good-bye, hung up.


  【译文】 当她说托马斯不在,不知道什么时候能回来时,电话另一端的那个女人大笑了起来,没说再见就挂断了电话。


  60. It was then that she realized she had lost the last bit of strength she had had at home; she was absolutely incapable of tolerating this absolutely insignificant incident.


  【译文】 恰恰在那时,她意识到自己在家时曾拥有的力量已经消失殆尽;她根本无法忍受这件鸡毛蒜皮的小事。