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  1. Looking beyond the 10-year periodthe botanists estimate that some 3000 native plant species may become extinct in the foreseeable futuremore than 10 percent of the approximately 25000 species of plants in the United States.


  在展望10年后的情况时植物学家们估计,在未来可预见到的时间内,3 000种本地植物——占美国近25 000种植物的10%——将可能灭绝。


  2. The annual migrations of wildfowl and many other animals certainly cannot be regarded as a form of explorationbecause such movements are actually only shifts from one habitat to another for the purpose of avoiding seasonal climatic variations.




  3. Proponents of G-M foods argue using biotechnology in the production of food products has many benefitsit speeds up the process of breeding plants and animals with desired characteristics; can be used to introduce traits that a product wouldnt traditionally have; can improve the nutritional value of products; and can produce cheaper and more environmentallyfriendly fertilizers.




  4. What makes this debate unique is that every meal we eat is at its very  core. And that fact means one thingits an issue to be discussed not only around policy tablesbut dinner tables.





  5.Contact us before writing your applicationorMake use of our long experience in preparing your curriculum vitae or job historyis how it is usually expressed.




  6. There is no doubthoweverthat it is the increasing number of applicants with university education at all points in the process of engaging staff that has led to the greater importance of the curriculum vitae.




  7. Other goals of the interview areto answer questions successfullyobtain any additional information needed to make a decisionaccent your special strengthsestablish a positive relationshipshow confidenceand to sell yourself.




  8. Based on these goalsplace yourself in the role of the interviewer and develop anticipated questions and answers to three categoriescompany datapersonal dataand specific job data.




  9. Since the interview will center on youproper self-management process is divided into four stagesthe before stagethe greeting stagethe consultation stageand the departure stage.




  10. The before stage includes writing a confirmation letterconcentrating on appearance and nonverbal communicationdeveloping your portfolioanticipating questions with positive responsesand arriving early.




  11. The greeting stage includes greeting everyone courteouslyusing waiting-room smartsusing your time wiselyand applying proper protocol when meeting the interviewer.




  12. The consultation stage includes responsiveness and enthusiasmknowing when to interject key pointsshowing sincerityhighlighting your strengthsand listening intently.




  13. If the company doesnt respond in two weekscall back or write a  follow-up letter. You may get turned down. If sotry to find out why as a means of self-improvement.




  14. I have sought itnextbecause it relieves lonelinessthat terrible  loneliness in which ones shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the  world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss.




  15. Non-traditional studentsoverwhelmingly femalebegan to study on a part-time basisthe numbers of women going to graduate school increasedand women sought entry to the non-traditional position of university faculty member.




  16. This decline occurred in both coeducational and womens colleges where women faculty declined from 72% in 1940 to 50% in 1955 and dropped to a low of 45% in 1978.




  17. More than one-third of employers in a new survey say they would probably cut off health benefits to their workers if Congress passes a law allowing patients to sue managed care plans for malpractice.




  18. The employers apparently fear the legislation could open the door to the same kinds of suits against them. Companies are already struggling to contain rising health costs and deal with workers who complain that managed care blocks their access to care.




  19. Although companies have relied on health maintenance organizations and other types of managed care firms to control costs through most of the 1990sthe Hewitt survey showed employers have serious concerns about the health plans.




  20. Whatever you decide to do in the way of part-time and vacation work while youre at universitymake sure that you take the following issues into consideration before committing yourself