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  Someone think that robots are very important to humans' future development. Others thought that they are dangerous and have negative effects on the society. Discuss the advantages of disadvantages of the robots. 有人认为机器人对于人类的未来很重要,有人认为机器人很危险,对于社会有负面影响,讨论机器人的利弊?(2011年1月8日雅思作文)
  …… discuss the advantages of disadvantages. 讨论其利弊
  首段:背景介绍 + 争议焦点 + 作家立场
  尾段:再次亮明观点 + 总结理由
  1. 机器人可以代替人做很多危险的或者重复的工作,这就节省了人力,人们可以从事其他方面的工作. 例如,可以利用机器人去深海探险或者太空探索。
  2. 企业中应用机器人可以提高工作效率,创造更多的经济价值。例如,新年期间,很多饭店出现用工荒,一家火锅店就购置了机器人服务生,机器人不仅仅节省了人力成本,缓解了用工的压力,更加成为吸引顾客的一道风景。可以想象,机器人在未来的企业发展中将会扮演更加重要的角色。
  1. 如果人们多度地依赖机器人,那么这会导致人的创造力,灵活性以及主动性的下降。例如,很多传统的手工艺可能会慢慢地消失。
  2. 机器人的普及会使某些人失业。更糟糕的是,对于机器人的纵容有可能使它们成为世界上最先进的战争武器。
  1. robot=mechanical person n机器人
  2. artificial intelligence n 人工智能
  3. Many industries are increasingly making use of the robots. 很多工业越来越多地使用机器人。
  4. …… can enhance the efficiency of work and generate more economic value v…… 可以提高工作效率以及创造更多的经济价值。
  5. Robots can be utilized to do some dangerous and repetitive tasks for human beings, therefore, it can enable people to be involved in other works. 机器人可以代替人做很多危险的重复的工作,这就节省了人力,可以使人们从事其他方面的工作。
  解析:be involved in v做……
  6. Too much reliance on the robots will contribute to people’s poor creativity, flexibility and self-motivation. 过度依赖机器人会导致人的创造力,灵活性以及主动性的下降。
  拓展:self-motivation = initiative n 主动性
  7. Many traditional crafts might be substituted by the robots in the future. 在未来,很多传统的手艺可能被机器人替代。
  8. The popularity of robots may take the bread out of some people’s mouths. 机器人的普及会使某些人失业。
  解析:take the bread out of one’s mouth v抢了某人的饭碗
  9. Even worse, being tolerant in robots might make them become the most advanced war weapon in the world.更糟糕的是,对于机器人的纵容也许会使它们成为世界上最先进的战争武器。
  解析:even worse 更加糟糕的是
  10. The invention of the robot has greatly revolutionized people’s life in many aspects. 机器人的发明,在很多方面,极大地改变了人们的生活。
  拓展:invention = contrivance n发明
  11. People have been debating the pros and cons of …… without reaching any definite agreement. 人们一直在争议……的利弊,没有达成共识。
  拓展:agreement = consensus n一直观点
  12. The availability of the robot has really brought huge convenience to people’s life, yet, its drawbacks should be stressed. 机器人给人们的生活带来了巨大的便利,但是,其弊端应该被强调。
  解析:bring huge convenience to ……,给……带来巨大的便利
  13. Robots have entered many offices or restaurants to help people to perform various tasks, thus , it is likely that people could enjoy more leisure time. 机器人已经进入了很多办公室或者饭店去帮助人们做很多的工作,因此,人们可以享受到更长的休闲时光。
  解析:thus,it is likely that……因此,很有可能……
  拓展:perform a task = undertake a task = take a task v 做一项工作
  14. For example, during the Spring Festal, a hotpot restaurant purchased a robot servant. The robot not only effectively reduced the pressure of the shortage of labor force, but also became a one particular scenery. Millions of customers deliberately ate in this restaurant to feel the sense of refreshment brought about by robot servant. 例如,在春节期间,一家火锅店购置一个机器人服务生,机器人不仅仅有效地缓解了劳动力短缺的压力,而且成为一道独特的景色。很多的顾客特意来这家餐馆就餐,目的就是为了感受机器人服务生带来的新鲜感。
  解析:deliberately adv 刻意地
  15. Artificial intelligence certainly help people stay away from heavy tasks. 人们智能可以帮助人们远离繁重的工作。
  16. However,some problems might inevitably ensue. 然而,一些问题也许不可避免地跟着发生。
  拓展:inevitably = unavoidably adv 不可避免地
  17. Robot soldiers might arouse chaos just like what is vividly described in the science fiction movies. 机器人士兵可能会引起混乱,就像是我们在科幻电影中看到的一样。
  解析:vividly adv 生动地
  18. The robot is a double-edged sword,which can be used for equally good or evil. 机器人是一把双刃剑,有利有弊。
  19. As for the potential demerits of robots, moral education and law restrictions should be advocated to regulate the use of the robot and to prevent misdeeds of human beings. 至于机器人的弊端,道德教育和法律的约束应该被提倡,去规范机器人的使用,去避免人类的犯罪行为。
  解析:potential demerits of ……,……的潜在的弊端
  解析:prevent misdeeds of human beings v阻止人类的犯罪行为
  20. In closing, my stand is that the merits of the robot prevail over its possible demerits as long as we can use them properly. 总之,我的立场是只要我们以理性的方式来利用机器人,机器人对于人类的作用是利大于弊。