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trucks through weight, aerodynamic drag, and braking friction.(C)

  (E) The promotion of mass transit over automobiles as an alternative mode of transportation has encountered consumer resistance that is due in part to the failure of mass transit to accommodate the wide dispersal of points of origin and destinations for trips.
  11. An experiment was done in which human subjects recognize a pattern within a matrix of abstract designs and then select another design that completes that pattern. The results of the experiment were surprising. The lowest expenditure of energy in neurons in the brain was found in those subjects who performed most successfully in the experiments.
  Which of the following hypotheses best accounts for the findings of the experiment?
  (A) The neurons of the brain react less when a subject is trying to recognize patterns than when the subject is doing other kinds of reasoning.
  (B) Those who performed best in the experiment experienced more satisfaction when working with abstract patterns than did those who performed less well.
  (C) People who are better at abstract pattern recognition have more energy-efficient neural connections.
  (D) The energy expenditure of the subjects brains increases when a design that completes the initially recognized pattern is determined.(C)
  (E) The task of completing a given design is more capably performed by athletes, whose energy expenditure is lower when they are at rest than is that of the general population.
  12. A researcher studying drug addicts found that, on average, they tend to manipulate other people a great deal more than nonaddicts do. The researcher concluded that people who frequently manipulate other people are likely to become addicts.
  Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the researcher’s conclusion?
  (A) After becoming addicted to drugs, drug addicts learn to manipulate other people as a way of obtaining drugs.
  (B) When they are imprisoned, drug addicts often use their ability to manipulate other people to obtain better living conditions.
  (C) Some nonaddicts manipulate other people more than some addicts do.
  (D) People who are likely to become addicts exhibit unusual behavior patterns other than frequent manipulation of other people.(A)
  (E) The addicts that the researcher studied were often unsuccessful in obtaining what they wanted when they manipulated other people.
  13. One way to judge the performance of a company is to compare it with other companies. This technique, commonly called “benchmarking,” permits the manager of a company to discover better industrial practices and can provide a justification for the adoption of good practices.
  Any of the following, if true, is a valid reason for benchmarking the performance of a company against companies with which it is not in competition rather than against competitors EXCEPT:
  (A) Comparisons with competitors are most likely to focus on practices that the manager making the comparisons already employs.
  (B) Getting “inside” information about the unique practices of competitors is particularly difficult.
  (C) Since companies that compete with each other are likely to have comparable levels of efficiency, only benchmarking against noncompetitors is likely to reveal practices that would aid in beating competitors.
  (D) Managers are generally more receptive to new ideas that they find outside their own industry.(E)
  (E) Much of the success of good companies is due to their adoption of practices that take advantage of the special circumstances of their products of markets.
  14. Among the more effective kinds of publicity that publishers can get for a new book is to have excerpts of it published in a high-circulation magazine soon before the book is published. The benefits of such excerption include not only a sure increase in sa百度推广
les but also a fee paid by the magazine to the book’s publisher.
  Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the information above?
  (A) The number of people for whom seeing an excerpt of a book in a magazine provides an adequate substitute for reading the whole book is smaller than the number for whom the excerpt stimulates a desire to read the book.
  (B) Because the financial advantage of excerpting a new book in a magazine usually accrues to the book’s publisher, magazine editors are unwilling to publish excerpts from new books.
  (C) In calculating the total number of copies that a book has sold, publishers include sales of copies of magazines that featured an excerpt of the book.
  (D) The effectiveness of having excerpts of a book published in a magazine, measured in terms of increased sales of a book, is proportional to the circulation of the magazine in which the excerpts are published.(A)
  (E) Books that are suitable for excerpting in high-circulation magazines sell more copies than books that are not suitable for excerpting.
  15. In Swartkans territory, archaeologists discovered charred bone fragments dating back 1 million years. Analysis of the fragments, which came from a variety of animals, showed that they had been heated to temperatures no higher than those produced in experimental campfires made from branches of white stinkwood, the most common tree around Swartkans.
  Which of the following, if true, would, together with the information above, provide the best basis for the claim that the charred bone fragments are evidence of the use of fire by early hominids?
  (A) The white stinkwood tree is used for building material by the present-day inhabitants of Swartkans.
  (B) Forest fires can heat wood to a range of temperatures that occur in campfires.
  (C) The bone fragments were fitted together by the archaeologists to form the complete skeletons of several animals.P>
  (D) Apart from the Swartkans discovery, there is reliable evidence that early hominids used fire as many as 500 thousand years ago.(E)
  (E) The bone fragments were found in several distinct layers of limestone that contained primitive cutting tools known to have been used by early hominids.
  16. For a trade embargo against a particular country to succeed, a high degree of both international accord and ability to prevent goods from entering or leaving that country must be sustained. A total blockade of Patria’s ports is necessary to an embargo, but such an action would be likely to cause international discord over the embargo.
  The claims above, if true, most strongly support which of the following conclusions?
  (A) The balance of opinion is likely to favor Patria in the event of a blockade.
  (B) As long as international opinion is unanimously against Patria, a trade embargo is likely to succeed.
  (C) A naval blockade of Patria’s ports would ensure that no goods enter or leave Patria.
  (D) Any trade embargo against Patria would be likely to fail at some time.(D)
  (E) For a blockade of Patria’s ports to be successful, international opinion must be unanimous.