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22. ARGUMENT:特价商品广告使公司收入增加,例如1商店在JD卖30种特价商品的广告……,有一半回答看过广告的人消费在100元以上。

  23. AA:据调查,中年消费者在DEPARTMENT STORES里花费39%,年轻人只有25%,并且在最近20年里,中年人将大幅度增加,所以商店应该削减年轻人的商品,增加给中年人的。
  24. Auguement: Caft’s removing from its original location is a good decision.
  25. AA:“On average, 9 out of every 1,000 passengers who traveled on Avia Airlines last year filed a complaint about our baggage-handling procedures. This means that although some 1 percent of our passengers were unhappy with those procedures, the overwhelming majority were quite satisfied with them; thus it would appear that a review of the procedures is not important to our goal of maintaining or increasing the number of Avia’s passengers.”
  26. ARGUMENT:农民用合成肥料好过用有机肥。
  27. (1) AA:31 Trends in coffee and cola consumption (2) AA: Exxxx company准备卖同一个brand的coffee,而且使用Superior公司的promotion, offer free samples, price deduction, free coupond... (3) AA: transfer from cola to coffee (4)AGRUE: A NEW COMPANY IN THE MARKET OF COFFEE SHOULD DO WHAT sUPERIOR DID, TO OFFER FREE COFFEE AND DISCOUNT TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS.
  28. AA:在某地开了三家店很成功,于是建议在另外一个地方也开类似三家并且用打折方式吸引顾客。
  29. AA某国出现贸易赤字,有人建议降低其最重要出口产品糖的价格,认为降低价格可以增加销售于是解决了贸易赤字问题。
  30. AA: Megamart加了pharmacy section后sales增加了20%,所以准备加其他dept.,来increase profit quantitive
  31. AA:两种非处方药
  32.新修的地铁严重超员,采用降低公交车费和提升PARKING FEE(AGUMENT)
  33. Argument:某商店增加一个医药柜台后,销售额增加,于是建议再增加其他的部门和新的服务,来提高销售,通过这种办法,该商店将在该地区服务最全面,最有竞争优势。
  Ar 61 Argument:2
  AA:8 aa:34 AA. 29.
  AA:124 AA 86 AA:10T argument31 AA: 1 AA: #44 AA:28 AA:13作文:1. Job security and salary should be based on employee performance, not on years of service. Judging their years of service will discourage their productivity. 2. One Caféshop made a good business decision in moving to a new location for two reasons. One, the shop will have its anniversary there. Two, there are three other shops occupy the old spot. Essay: Both of them are analyysis. One is The security and salary of the employee should focus on employee's perfomance. Not years of service. Another is 1% passengers are not satisfied the ... do you think the company should pay attention on that 1%?
  AWA 1. The quality of life in most of societies has no better than at the present time. Because the recent advancements in business and technology. 2. Some suggest that suggest Sacchar to lower price to increase export, competitiveness,…..